Thursday, February 16, 2012

A visit to the cinema

Last night we received a phone call to tell us that the film The Artist was being shown in a tiny cinema in Chissey le Macon, a tiny hamlet about 10 minutes' drive from us. We had only commented over the last week that it was a shame we had not been able to see it in England and here we were being offered the chance to see it just down the road. We were transported by a French lady, a neighbour of our English friends in Varanges, who knew the road less well than us!!!
When we got there we lined up to pay - 4.5 euros each. We went around the other side of a large screen where a crowd of about 40 + people had gathered including 2 English couples we are getting to know. We were delighted to discover that several French people we had already met were there and eager to come and say welcome and how pleased they were to know we are at last permanently in the local area. The hall was lovely and warm - I was so pleased to have worn several layers so I could peel a few off!
We settled down and the film began. It was an absorbing film and I have to say the little dog was very good! But all in all it was a good story!

Half way through the reel had to be changed and we were served free of charge some homemade cake and fruit juice. It was a chance to stretch your legs and compare opinions! Altogether a very pleasant evening and so so French!!!!!!!

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