Saturday, September 29, 2012

the weather...

Now if you are British, you will know what a reputation we have for talking about the weather! In fact, I've noticed that here in the French countryside watching the weather is really important. In England if the weather was awful, I would put the damp washing in the tumble drier or it was on the clothes horse for several days to get it dry. Thanks to the accuracy of the internet weather I know within 5 minutes if it is going to rain. I have time to bring the washing in, or indeed calculate how much longer it can stay out if rain is forecast.  is the site I use and I can even put in my postcode and get the forecast FOR THE VILLAGE!!!!

Perhaps because we are out in the countryside we are also aware of the differences between the climate here and that in the West Midlands. Whereas we could look through the windows of our detached house in England and watch the storms, here we can stand on the gallery outside the house but under the roof and experience the weather. If we want to be inside we can watch the weather across the width of the valley below us and over to the hills opposite.

About three weeks ago we experienced some weather which was quite disturbing. On the Tuesday evening the wind blew and blew, bending the trees over and sending twigs scurrying up the lane in front of the house - the trees really seemed as if they would snap (some elsewhere did!) but here they seemed to have enough flexibility to remain rooted and bend.

The next night was for me the more frightening of the two. First thunder and lightning rumbled and crashed around us and right over us  - the electricity went off and the skies became darker and darker. The  hail began - not the small balls of ice you occasionally see in England - no - these were really big.
Outside you could have been in a snowstorm!
But worst of all was the damage we discovered the next day when we found that the car, parked outside our gates in the lane was pock marked from the force and size of the hailstones. There is nothing we can do about it, but that is just one of those things about the weather here. However, as Autumn now sets in I could not wish for a better sight when I get up than this one below!

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