Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A trip down memory lane....

I was born in Jersey Channel Isles, the place from which New Jersey gets it's name...I don't go very often but I do try to get to see my mum when I do get there. This visit was my first from our home in France, and necessitated a drive over to Geneva airport to get a flight to Jersey. There was no-where else from which I could fly direct.
The views from the car were very different when compared with our usual drive to Lyon airport to meet our daughter or other friends. We enjoyed the woods bathed in Autumnal colour and began to spot distant peaks and traces of snow! We even went up one road that recommended having snow chains on during the Winter!

After a smooth check-in I was soon aboard the plane (it had props so it was reassuringly old fashioned to me!) - and we were speeding up from Geneva rising through misty skies to the clouds above.

The flight took over 2 hours and I was struck by just how enormous France is when we eventually crossed the French coast and began our descent into Jersey.

We were soon flying over familiar coast line for me, right over St. Catherine's breakwater (otherwise known as Palmerston's Folly by the locals) and then over the North coast and down to Jersey airport.
After picking up my hire car at the airport I drove to my cousin's flat where I was staying. She is in a lovely complex with over 50 flats, one and two bedroomed and including an indoor swimming pool. I soon settled into what has become a familiar room with a window overlooking the gardens.

This turned out to be one of the better days I was there! During the evening after a lovely meal we sat and caught up - my cousin last welcomed me in February just before we came to France so there was a lot to talk about - especially as she has no computer and so had not seen the ever increasing number of these blogs! I took my knitting and as the evening wore on so the knitting grew!
The following morning I went to see my mum. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's some time ago and she has been in a wonderful unit especially for people with it. She has settled in there very happily and seems content there although it was hard at the beginning and often she would pack her suitcase with all her clothes and demand to go home. That has long since stopped and she spends her days quietly, sometimes watching TV, attending social events and occasionally going on outings. Her world is contracting fast but the carers are wonderful at providing events including singing to help the memory. She remembered me, and as I had arrived with flowers she wanted to know why. I told her they were for her and during my visit they adorned her room. Mum has always been fond of flowers!
On Friday evening I went down another memory lane. I linked up with my 3 school friends. Only last November were we able to meet together for the first time after over 40 years. We left school in 1971 but truly I would recognise them anywhere they are just the same  - and I love the opportunity to catch up with them and find out what has been happening since we last met.
After a wonderful meal - we went to a restaurant that was part of a scheme called Tennerfest, where you can buy a meal for a tenner or thereabouts - it really encourages people to get out at what is really a quiet time for all the restaurants after the Summer and Autumn seasons - we paused for a photograph!
What I like about going to Jersey at this time of year is the wonderful chances to take some good photos! The light is very special in the Autumn and I was able to snatch a few shots.
These were taken from the car park near to where my cousin lives!
Then as I was driving to the airport on Tuesday morning when I saw the sea glistening as the tide was coming in. I had to stop and take some photos.
Looking across to Elizabeth Castle from West Park
Elizabeth Castle

So it was goodbye to my mum

Then back on the plane to France!
I left behind the cheeky seagull who sat on the grass outside my room hoping to be fed!

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