Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Playing the tourist...

It's been really warm in Burgundy recently, and one day after we had watered the potager and done a few other chores, Joe suggested we "play the tourist." This means we go out in the car and head off in one direction and see what takes our fancy as far as locations are concerned. It is truly one of the great joys and blessings of living in what we are more and more considering to be the centre of God's earth!! (OK I exaggerate a little - but not that much!)
We stopped off for a quick salad in Cormatin, and then headed out towards Chalon. We stopped at Buxy for diesel and spent a wonderful hour pottering about in the local garden centre next door to the supermarket. We bought another geranium hanging basket - which Joe will have to hang when he has found a position for a bracket, and other bits and pieces which will be useful(including a pair of bright pink plastic sandals for me - very garish but perfect for pottering about in house and garden! As we clambered back into the car with such other useful items as plant labels and a French book on easy vegetable gardening and turned out of the car park we headed towards Laive. We didn't know anything about it except that the signpost said lac.
We passed a beautiful chateau - Chateau de la Ferte, and then spotted the sign to the lake.
We followed a long bumpy road, but soon saw the lake stretching alongside. Cars were parked on the grass and it was clear a lot of people had brought a picnic and come for the day.

 Soon we were at the lake's edge on a sandy beach watching families and young people and older ones too cooling off in the water. What a lovely sight so far from the sea.

We strolled around part of the lake in the sunshine watching a wide variety of people sun bathing playing volleyball, reading and even posing for artistic camera shots! The last two figures were fishing - and this was the epitome of tranquility itself!
This is somewhere we will add to the list of places that our guests or friends may like to investigate for themselves!

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