Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Rallye des Vins

Yesterday we went to help our fellow commune friends with the buvette for the Rallye des Vins. - Have I lost you already? If so I am not surprised!
The Rallye des Vins is an annual event in June when rally cars race around a circuit which takes them through many of the vineyards and wine areas around here.  The rally is in stages and there were three circuits around Cortambert - the next village to us and where the mairie is situated. We promised we would do a couple of hours in the afternoon to support other residents who were helping. We clambered up the hill though the vineyard to a covered area which was the centre of activities as far as food and drink were concerned and met up with some of our friends.

It was an extremely hot day - probably the hottest of the season so far and everyone was thirsty - we were selling coke, Perrier, water, orange juice, apple juice, shandy, wine, cremant, oringina - you get the picture!
Georges was kept very busy with the beer. When we left at 4:15 420 glasses of beer had been sold!

Amazingly we also had orders for hot dogs, frites and waffles (gauffres). Pascale was kept very busy and very hot!

In the meantime below us, the Rallye continued.

It was a bit scary when you were close to the cars as they came around the bend at great speed and with a lot of noise - not my idea of fun, but it was another new experience in our life here in Burgundy.
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